Smart Pipe Management


Pipes can be tagged with RFID solutions and this information is used in Carriots to create an application to manage the history service of each pipe. During the installation phase, on site workers can check if the pipe suits the requirements and update its electronic log service. Electronic pipe service is used to manage the assets of the company as well as distribute the information to safety authorities.

  • Enables pipe tracking and inventory through RFID tags.
  • Helps on field pipe actuations reducing installation time and improving safety
  • Enables an electronic history service application for each pipe to improve safety and comply with regulations.

Smart Asset Tracking


Different assets used in an oil or gas installation (vehicles, drillers, pumps, pipes, etc...) can be remotely located, monitored and maintained by installed an M2M device to collect data and integrate it with Carriots. Rules for inventorying, maintenance alerts can be programmed in Carriots to remotely automate most of the company’s processes.

  • Automate Inventorying of valuable assets.
  • Remote location of mobile assets and geo-fences alerts.
  • Remote-diagnostics and remote-maintenance of assets to reduce maintenance costs.