Smart Transportation for Boyaca

Smart Transportation at Boyaca using Altair SmartWorks

Boyacá has been handling the daily delivery of newspapers and magazines in Spain for more than 35 years. Fulfillment of time schedules is essential for customer satisfaction and late deliveries can result in additional costs. Boyacá needed to have direct real-time information on arrival and departure times at each hub of the distribution chain in order to control costs with the lowest possible investment. Several hundred trucks are used for delivery every day.

Boyacá worked with Altair SmartWorks to improve their distribution chain. The installation of an RFID clock at each node and the distribution a personal RFID card to each driver, was the optimal solution to collect the information and integrate it into the client's own SQL Database at the lowest cost using the Altair SmartWorks Platform. The exact arrival and departure times at each node – including the difference between scheduled and actual delivery times - are received and stored in real time. Boyacá worked with a System Integrator (Wairbut) and Altair SmartWorks to develop the end to end solution in less than 3 months. The solution included the development of a customized IoT device integrated with Altair SmartWorks IoT Platform to collect all the data from RFID cards, process the data, and integrate it with the existing IT Systems.

Smart Transportation for Boyaca
card reader

Boyacá was looking for a simple and affordable solution to track the arrival of their delivery trucks. Altair SmartWorks and Wairbut designed and manufactured a specific hardware, the 3G clock, to provide each truck driver with an ID card (based on RFID Technology). Altair SmartWorks deployed the solution at each logistic hub to read and transmit the data to the Corporate IT Systems. The 3G clock includes a keypad as an alternative in case of malfunction of the magnetic cards. It can be used by temporary/seasonal carriers. The device includes a mobile phone technology to send information directly to the server. The Altair SmartWorks IoT platform provides integration capabilities, fast development of custom applications, and easy device deployment.