How to update Google Spreadsheets using Altair SmartCore & IFTTT

0. Introduction

If you are a IFTTT user, you can send data from Altair SmartCore to your IFTTT account and do a variety of things.

This easy tutorial helps you to send streams to your IFTTT account and using a Recipe update a Google Spreadsheet.
In this project you will learn how to:

  • Connect Altair SmartCore with IFTTT to send data streams using a listener
  • Update a Google Spreadsheet with data received in Altair SmartCore



1. Steps to Connect with IFTTT

Before starting, you need to take some previous steps on IFTTT.

Create account

You should have a valid IFTTT account to use the platform. If you don't have one, visit the following URL: (create IFTTT account) and create an account.

Connect to a Maker Channel

You will also need to connect to a Maker Channel. You can do it by clicking on the Channels tab in the menu, once logged into your account.

  • IFTTT Channels Tab

Then click on the Marker Channel and connect to it.

  • IFTTT Maker Channel
  • IFTTT Maker Channel Connect

You will need the Key of the Maker Channel.

  • IFTTT Maker Channel Connected

Connect to a Google Drive Channel

You also need to connect with Google Drive Channel.

  • IFTTT Google Drive Channel Connect
  • IFTTT Google Drive Channel Connected

Create a Recipe

The next step is create a Recipe to do an action when Maker Channel receives information from Altair SmartCore. To do this click in My Recipes in the menu.

  • IFTTT My Recipes Tab

Then select Create a Recipe.

  • IFTTT Create a Recipe

Click on the word “This” and select Maker Channel. Then select Receive a web request.

  • IFTTT This Condition

Enter a name for the event, for example, Tutorial.

  • IFTTT Event name

Click on the word “That” and select Google Drive Channel. Then select Add row to spreadsheet.

  • IFTTT That Consequence

Enter the Spreadsheet name and customize the format of the row (The Spreadsheet will be modified on your Google Drive account specified in the IFTTT account).

  • IFTTT Form Add row to Spreadsheet

Verify the Recipe data and finish the creation.

  • IFTTT Finish creation


2. Send data from Altair SmartCore to IFTTT using a listener

Now we will make a listener in Altair SmartCore to send data to IFTTT everytime we receive a Stream with the values “temperature” and “humidity” in the data.

If expression

Then expression

  • Listener to send data to IFTTT
  • Stream list of sent data
  • Spreasheet results


3. From here on: Enhancing the project

Now you know how to connect Altair SmartCore with IFTTT to send data streams using a listener and how to update a Google Spreadsheet with that data. But you can enhance this project in many ways:

  • Make a calculation of aggregate data (average, maximum, minimum)
  • Connect with other website like and compare your values with his data