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Altair SmartWorks is a cloud-native platform, which offers an integrated set of services and features to help you easily connect your things to the digital world. Available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) or on-premises, Altair SmartWorks will help you execute your IoT projects faster in an easy-to-use, reliable, and highly scalable environment.

Create amazing products and services with our Internet of Things platform in 5 simple steps

Connect Devices
1. Connect Devices

Connect all kind of devices to Altair SmartWorks to gather data and build applications for them

Collect data
2. Collect

Use our HTTP RESTful API to push and pull XML or JSON encoded data

Manage devices
3. Manage devices & data

Take full control of your machines using the 2 way communication protocols.

Build your Apps
4. Build your

Altair SmartWorks let you define your rules in your apps. Your connected objects become smart!

Run it
5. run

Build your M2M applications on Altair SmartWorks platform and Relax.

Why choose Altair SmartWorks?

“Altair SmartWorks was the perfect partner to launch Energy Smart Generation as it shortened our time to market to develop and test the product and later on proved to be a reliable partner to support the product for our key clients."

- Raúl Gil García,
Business Development Manager at Unatec

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