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Simplifying smart building deployments

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Altair SmartBuildings simplifies the management of devices and data in commercial buildings through innovative applications of IoT. Our solution combines cloud-based visualization and management with automation at the edge to drive additional value for energy and facilities management.


For Building

Transform your space into a powerful, connected infrastructure.

Save energy through insightful cross-protocol automation and prescriptive analytics.

Extremely easy to set up, with simple yet powerful controls and user interface.

Manage all building data, systems, equipment, sensors and third-party information like utility bills in a single, intuitive platform.

For Service

Bring together disparate systems and information to create a more efficient, smarter work space

Easy to deploy and set up with automatic device provisioning

Optimize operational efficiency through remote asset monitoring and analytics

Provide powerful controls and building analytics as an additional service to customers

Market-Ready Solutions
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Transform The Way You Manage Your Facility


Secure & Scalable solution to meet buildings’ evolving needs

  • Technology interoperability
  • Communication protocols bridge
  • Data aggregation and normalization
  • API for IoT apps and services
  • Automatic and secure cloud connectioneroperability
  • Operational efficiency


Tying everything together to maximize the impact of optimization efforts

  • Asset Optimization
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Equipment Control
  • Tenant Comfort
  • New revenue streams generation

Connect to various protocols

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