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Types of Partners

Who can be a Carriots Partner?

Any company that wants to develop an IoT project such as hardware, software, devices manufacturers or developers, mobile operators, integrators, etc.

  • Carriots Business Partner (CBP):
    Companies selling IoT solutions based on Carriots platform, distributing licenses and value added services on their local markets.
  • Carriots Certified Integrator (CCI):
    System Integrators approved by Carriots to implement and support the Carriots solution on their customers through certified engineers.
  • Carriots Ready Program (CRP):
    Hardware and software manufacturers that want to integrate Carriots Platform with their product.

Advantages for Partners

  • Sales Expansion and Development:
    More sales opportunities and business development. Co-marketing actions and inclusion in the Carriots marketing channels.
  • Access to the Partners site:
    Specific resources, training manuals, marketing tools, and support materials.
  • Support:
    We share our experiences and advise you on the technical and commercial aspects.
  • Continuous Assistance:
    Our support team will help you to resolve any questions or incident that may eventually appear.

More resources at your disposal, more visibility for your business

Enjoy benefits and resources that can help you to grow your business, attract more customers, and enhance your brand image.

Carriots Ready Program (CRP)


Includes all the technical work and support to make your solution Carriots ready.

This program is designed for:

  • Hardware manufacturers
    Have an IoT Device and want to certify that it is compatible with Carriots’ platform.
  • Software vendors
    Have an application that can be integrated with Carriots to provide new features or functionalities.

Partner Programs

  • Access to sales and marketing resources
  • Support center
  • Access to the partners resources center
  • Leads exchange program
  • Discounts or incentives for referrals
  • Inclusion in the Carriots partners directory
  • Commercial Training & Support
  • Technical Training & Support
  • Certification
  • Account manager
  • Scalable margins by sales volume
  • Prioritization of features in roadmap product
  • "Ad hoc" developments