How to integrate Altair SmartWorks with Zoho Reports.

0. Introduction

If you are a Zoho Reports user, you can send data from Altair SmartWorks to manage your reporting and analysis.

Zoho Reports is an online reporting and business intelligence service that helps you to easily analyze your business data and create insightful reports & dashboards for informed decision-making.

In this tutorial, you learn how to send data from Altair SmartWorks to Zoho Reports in 10 minutes.


1. Steps in Zoho Reports

Before starting, you need to do some things on Zoho.

Create account

You should have a valid Zoho Reports login id to use the API. If you do not have one, visit the following URL (create Zoho Reports account) and create a login.

  • Create Zoho Reports account

Auth Token

In order to use the Zoho Reports API, you need an Authentication Token.

Authentication Token
The Authentication Token is a unique token that authenticates the user to access the Zoho Account. This is a user-specific and permanent token, that need to be passed along with every Zoho Reports API request.
Users can generate a Auth Token using one of the following mode (Browser Mode or API Mode). You can generate it just once and use it for all your API calls.

In our case we have used Browser Mode using the following URL into a browser.
And we will get a response like this:

  • Zoho Response
Aviso You need to be logged into your Zoho Projects account to use the Browser Mode

You can follow the instructions at this URL (get Authentication Token)

Create database

You can create a new database anytime from the Zoho Reports home page.

Zoho Reports offers various options to create a database. The databases you create are listed at the top of the home screen. When you create a database in any of the options provided, you need to provide a name which is mandatory and should be unique.

  • Create database

Create table

Zoho Reports provides different options to create a table to store your data.

When you create a table in a database using any of the options provided, you need to provide a name which is mandatory and it should be unique in that database.

Click on the New Table button in the right top corner of the database or click on New - > New Table menu item present in the toolbar of every report/table in the database.

  • Create table

API Specification

Zoho Reports API is based on REST principles. If you want to know more about it see these references:


2. Send data from Altair SmartWorks to Zoho Reports through a listener

We have enhanced the listener creation process with our Flow Tool.

In this tutorial we will follow a simple example:

Suppose we have a temperature sensor called tsensor@smartcore. Each read will send us a data stream with the temperature.

The data stream will contain the following information:

We want to send this data to Zoho Report when the temperature is higher than 23 degrees.

To create a listener go to the control panel, then to “Rules” → “Listeners”. Then click on the new button above the Listeners list. Select "Device" as entity type and locate tsensor@smartcore.

The listener will "listen" "data_received" event.

When a data stream from that device is received, Altair SmartWorksit fires the execution of the listener logic.

In the Flow editor we'll only need drag & drop a "function" node and add our custom code since this tutorial is not intended to explain the details of the Flow Tool. For a deeper vision of the tool please read its documentation or our "How to create a listener" tutorial.

  • Flow designer: function node

After saving it, your listener will look something like this.

  • Resulting listener

Its time to test our new listener. Sends a stream with a temperature higher 24 degrees and check your Zoho Reports database!

  • Zoho data