How to send data streams and status streams from WE500 to Altair SmartWorks.

0. Introduction

Nethix it's a company that designs and develops high-end technological products and solutions in the telecommunications, industrial and home automation fields.
Nethix offers a wide range of standard products and solutions based on wireless technologies such as GPRS (2G), HSPA (3G), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

This easy tutorial helps you to send status and variables of WE500 (Nethix product) to Altair SmartWorks.
In this project you will learn how to:

  • Connect a WE500 to Altair SmartWorks to send data streams and status streams using Altair SmartWorks HTTP REST API



  • 1 x WE500
  • 1 x Altair SmartWorks user account

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1. Project Schema

This tutorial is a quick way to understand how to configure the WE500 to communicate with Altair SmartWorks.

Here is overall diagram of the project:

  • Schema

In this tutorial the WE500 sends the water level of a tank and the water temperature every 30 minutes and the status stream every 15 minutes.

All the data streams and status streams sent are collected and stored in Altair SmartWorks. Altair SmartWorks is a huge database that collects all the information that your WE500 sends.

In addition to storing data, you can check the water level and temperature and generate graphs to see the system evolution.

2. WE500: Enable variables to send data

After login go to Administration → Variables.
All the WE500 variables are displayed in this page. Enable the Portal flag in the water level and temperature variables for enabling them to send data to the cloud.

  • WE500 Backend

3. WE500: Cloud settings

Now go to Administration → Cloud → General.

In this page you'll find the general settings of the cloud services. For this tutorial it is necessary to check the Variables sampling flag, select a value for Sampling frequency and click Save.

From this moment every Sampling frequency minutes, the WE500 sample the value of all the variables that have the Portal flag enabled.

  • WE500 Backend

4. Altair SmartWorks settings

Now go to Administration → Cloud → Altair SmartWorks.

In this page you'll find all the settings that allow to send data streams and status streams from your WE500 to Altair SmartWorks.

The fist thing to do is to check the flag Enable. Then fill the ID developer field and the Altair SmartWorks API key.

  • WE500 Backend

The ID developer is located in your Altair SmartWorks control panel in “Hierarchy”→ “Devices” and click on a device.

  • Altair SmartWorks control panel

The API key is located in “MY SETTINGS” → “My Account”.
In the Altair SmartWorks device settings menu, if there is a checksum field, enable the Enable checksum flag and fill the Checksum field with the same Altair SmartWorks checksum.
In the Status streams section, select Every 15 minutes in the Status stream frequency field and enable Send uptime.
Similarly, in the Data stream section, select Every 30 minutes in the Data stream frequency.
Finally click Save.

From now on, the WE500 will send a status stream with the uptime every 15 minutes and a data stream with the variables value every 30 minutes.

5. From here on: Enhancing the project

Now you know how to connect a Nethix device to send data to Altair SmartWorks. But you can enhance this project in many ways:

  • Try adding a listener to send an email or SMS when the water level exceeds a certain value
  • Create your own control panel to check the status of the tank, by building an HTML page with a request to our API to ask for the values of your device