Get started with Altair SmartWorks

This tutorial will show you a general vision of Altair SmartWorks platform. We will see how to navigate through the control panel, Altair SmartWorks main components and important information you need to know to enjoy working with us.

Altair SmartWorks composition:

Developer Site

Altair SmartWorks Developer Site will be the support of the official documentation and important information about the platform. You will find:

  • Tutorials
  • Technical documentation
  • Code
  • Altair SmartWorks developer site

It is also the entry point to the control panel: click on the header "LOGIN button". Login can be accomplished by entering your username and password in the corresponding fields. Always verify that you are under HTTPS protocol before sending your credentials.

  • Login in Altair SmartWorks


Control panel

When you login at Altair SmartWorks you are redirected to the control panel. Its the main entry point for data and entities management.

There are two main areas that might interest you.

  • Left menu for entities management
  • Upper menu for administration, debugging and alarm view
  • Control panel

Main management work is divided in 6 groups:

  • Hierarchy management for high level Altair SmartWorks entities
  • Data management grouping all the operations involving data
  • Rules management: where you deal with your business logic
  • Settings: manage app connections, users and apikeys
  • Dashboards: new feature that allows you tou build public dasboards
  • Debug: test your listeners code and check alarms

Upon registration, Altair SmartWorks build the complete hierarchy with a default project, a default service, a default group and a default device. You can just directly play with that default device without worrying about the rest.

Your personal data is managed in “My account” section in the upper menu. Refer to that section to change your data and check your Apikey.

Active alarms are shown in the upper menu.

Logout link close the session. We encourage you to close your session when you finish working with Altair SmartWorks.


Developer Forum

Do you still have doubts after reading the documentation? Have you found a bug? Do you need some tips to improve your IoT project?

Join our developer forum and expose your problem. The developers community will be happy to help you.

  • Control panel



Altair SmartWorks REST API is the way devices and other systems interact with the platform. It is a standard protocol based on HTTP/S and plain text JSON or XML formatted.

Check all the details in our REST API documentation


Altair SmartWorks SDK

Altair SmartWorks SDK (Software Development Kit) is the core intelligence engine in Altair SmartWorks ecosystem.

Where does it stand?
Altair SmartWorks is a powerful platform that receives data streams (in a quite simplistic view). Devices may have listeners that wait for an event to occur. Events, like receiving data or persisting data, may launch a listener and execute his logic. This is the place where Altair SmartWorks SDK makes its magic.

Altair SmartWorks SDK is based on Groovy scripting technology and have libraries to help you work with all Altair SmartWorks ecosystem. Check our Altair SmartWorks SDK documentation for more details.

  • Test the SDK with the CPanel console