Whats Altair SmartWorks SDK

Altair SmartWorks SDK (Software Development Kit) allows users to execute arbitrary code for listeners and rules.

Altair SmartWorks is developed with Groovy (http://www.groovy-lang.org/) technology. Groovy is a “dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine that builds upon the strengths of Java but has additional power features inspired by languages like Python, Ruby or Smalltalk”.

Main reasons for choosing Groovy for Altair SmartWorks SDK:

  • Makes modern programming features available to Java developers with almost-zero learning curve
  • Supports Domain-Specific Languages and other compact syntax for good reading and easy maintaining code
  • Seamlessly integrates with all existing Java classes and libraries
  • Great toolset
  • Good community support and penetration

Altair SmartWorks SDK will be implemented with a set of core libraries for Altair SmartWorks entities management coverage and a set of utility tools for custom use. Every access to the core functionality will be done through the core internal authentication services and communications will be controlled and filtered by a communication module.

Java security policies and custom wrappers grant security in SDK ecosystem. Altair SmartWorks aim is to ensure encapsulation and security executing arbitrary code. Data access will always be filtered to match script owners visibility.

Where to use Altair SmartWorks SDK

Altair SmartWorks SDK will be used in:

  • listener’s expressions
  • rule scripts
  • Altair SmartWorks test console

Smart behaviour and business logic is performed through expressions and rules coded in listeners.