How to connect Altair SmartWorks with external apps.

0. Introduction

In Altair SmartWorks, you can connect your account and devices with external applications. We currently offer connections with Dropbox, Twitter and Sigfox. But we will soon expand the list!
Can you imagine the potential of this feature?


1. Twitter

To authorize Altair SmartWorks to use your Twiiter account proceed as follows:

  • Go to "Settings" → "apps"
    • Menu
  • Click on "Connect!" button
    • Twitter button
  • Click on Authorize button
    • Authorize
  • How to use it in your listeners
  • Enjoy Altair SmartWorks


2. Dropbox

To authorize Altair SmartWorks to use your account proceed as follows:


3. Sigfox

This app allows Altair SmartWorks to automatically provision the devices you have in your Sigfox account. Unlike the other apps, this one does not link both accounts: if you add new devices in Sigfox, you will have to repeat the process to provision them.

  • Go to "Settings" → "apps"
    • Menu
  • Click on Let's go! button
    • Sigfox button
  • Fill the shown form
    • Sigfox form
  • Sigfox API credentials are managed at group level:
    1. First we should go to "GROUP" section.
    2. Choose "API ACCESS".
    3. Then copy the "Login" and "Password" values shown there.
    • Sigfox credentials
  • Sigfox devices to be provisioned belong to a given Sigfox "DEVICE TYPE":
    1. First we should go to "DEVICE TYPE" section.
    2. Choose the type we want to provision.
    • Sigfox choose device type
  • Then copy the type ID.
    • Sigfox device type ID
    If you want to add Devices from different device types just repeat the operation for each one.
  • Back on the Altair SmartWorks form, please choose from the drop down list the Altair SmartWorks group in wich to create the devices.
    • Sigfox form
  • Click on the "Send Data" button and enjoy!
  • If you want to fire the process in one of your listeners: How to use it in your listeners
  • If you want to batch provision your Sigfox devices through Altair SmartWorks API: Altair SmartWorks Sigfox API