By using the Carriots External API, you can provision on Carriots all the devices that you have in your Sigfox account.

This action can be performed also through Carriots control panel. Please, read the documentation to know more about the process.

How to use

Batch provision

Provision on Carriots all the devices of your Sigfox account.

URL: ttp://
HTTP method: POST
Response: json


Property name Type Description
sigfox_login (mandatory) String Sigfox API login key
sigfox_password (mandatory) String Sigfox API login password
sigfox_devicetype_id (mandatory) String Sigfox device type ID
carriots_group (mandatory) String Full Carriots group ID_developer

Sigfox API credentials and ID can be gathered following this documentation.

Response codes

Code Description
200 Operation successfull
400 Request error
401 Unauthorized


Provision all devices in Carriots defaultGroup
  • HTTP request

    carriots.apikey: YOUR APIKEY HERE

  • Data
  • Response