Miguel Castillo, CEO & Co-Founder

I have been working in the IT industry over the last 20 years and help co-found some large successful companies like Ola Internet (the first VOIP-only operator in Spain, now part of Vodafone Group) and Oesia (a leading system integrator in Spain with over 3000 employees). Prior to that I started my career in Thales Group where I entered as programmer back in 1994.

Now as CEO of Carriots, I truly believe this job is about gathering a great team and coordinating them to achieve the goals we set. I lead the vision of Carriots future by helping my team to make decisions every day. We think the next re-evolution of the Net is the Internet Of Things and we created Carriots to make it happen faster.

Alvaro Everlet, CTO & Co-Founder

I see myself as self-made man. I started 15 years ago as teacher and freelance in the IT world and soon founded Hello World Solutions, a spanish IT firm. I've been in front of big projects in banking and insurance sectors, dealing with critical systems and high availability services. M2M projects where part of specific challenges. I've worked as M2M department Technical Director at Wairbut before Carriots birth.

As Carriots CTO I deal with the technical part of that exciting challenge. Paas architecture, feature analysis, vertical projects, high availability, NoSQL, Big data, prototyping, IoT evangelism are my everyday tasks. Its huge and its fun!

Javier Pastor, Development Director

Passionate about technology, security and agile methodologies. My professional career began 15 years ago in the IT world, combining for a few years my two passions, teaching and programming. Throughout this time I had the opportunity to work in various high-tech fields such as civil engineering, transportation engineering and innovation.

Now at Carriots I put these passions at work. I take the agile path with my team and I invest my time in the everyday Carriots ecosystem development coordination, in cloud architecture gardening and in IoT evangelism. Proud of it!

Luis Alonso-Lasheras, Business Manager Director

I joined Carriots in 2015 to contribute to the Business Development, Sales & Marketing. I am an entrepreneur who loves to be involved in the launch of new projects / start-ups. I have worked in different areas such as E-commerce, Mobile Applications, Marketing, FMCG or Logistics. This combination together with my passion for learning make me a versatile team player able to help in any of the company areas.

I am passionate about technology as a tool for solving problems and therefore as a source of business opportunities. I believe IOT is leading the way in this respect.